Sunday, November 30, 2008

Grandma Ladanye turns 80!!!

A PICTURE STORY of Violet Alice Tribull Ladanye's 80th BirthdayParty...
Dorien, Violet, Grace, Eliza & Olivia

Grandma Ladanye TURNS 80!!


Pictures are in backwards order...of course! (still can't seem to get them right no matter how i TRY!)

lots of cake, children and grandchildren to celebrate!

a tribute, a quiz and game, a fun slideshow and some bad blonde jokes! LOL!

Posing with the Nielson girls...

Taking a peek a the gifts...


keith and melody

josh and bompie

megan, grace & kate (looking thrilled) :O)

listening to jokes...


you rock~

Saturday, November 29, 2008

advice on how to "save" your marriage...OR ODE TO THE TREE!

NOW that we have moved past thanksgiving, we are headed full force into the
christmas holidays. you know what that means?
It means putting up trees, lights, outdoor lights, decorations, etc.
I am not sure if YOUR husband is anything like MY husband, but the man LOATHES
(with a capital "L") doing these things.
I am not sure if it is the "scrooge" in him, or just revisiting all the ghosts of christmas past (i.e. decorations) that makes him crabby~!
It is probably a combination of both.
And so now the fun begins...we have all gotten a good nights sleep, recovered from hours of playing "mexican train" at grandma's, 80th birthday parties & thanksgiving dinner, we have recovered from a lack of sleep and the shopping mayham and we have brought the christmas boxes, from their dark recesses in the basement.
NOW, the fun starts!
I recall all the years in the past, hours spent playing holiday music, swearing and cursing under our breaths, and sometimes outloud (ok A LOT outloud) about putting up the tree and getting the lights "just right". (as in wrapped around the tree PERFECTLY with no dark spots when you squint your eyes to look at the tree, the lights HAD TO be "just so" all can pretend you don't know what I'm talking about, but I KNOW you do!)
It was an ODIOUS and tedious process from start to finish.
So let me tell you about THE "BLESSED EVENT" that happened last christmas....
after 16 YEARS of marriage.
ONE that SHOULD have happened 16 years ago!!
We were rolling in a small amount of extra dough (thanks to ebay "hot toy sales" for Dor...)
a RARE and glorious occassion during these, our newleywed, college years. (ok scratch the newleywed part!)
Rare, none the less!
All of a sudden we found ourselves strolling the aisles of costco, our cart empty. And WHO
has empty carts while strolling the aisles of Costco? Such SIN! Such Blasphemy!
It was then that we came across a TREE.
Not just ANY Tree. It was a PRELIT TREE. It was "THE" TREE!
IT was sparkley, and shiney and when you squinted your eyes and looked at it "just so", the lights were ALL perfectly spaced and glimmering! WHAT A TREE! It made us weak in our knees!
You know, the kind of TREE you snap together and PLUG IN all in one fail swoop???
YUP! that's the one.
After a (very) SHORT discussion and quick glance at the PAYPAL account, we snatched up
the VERY LAST (least expensive) PRELIT TREE!
We came home, and folks, in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES (yup 5 minutes) that puppy was up,
plugged in, and PERFECTLY LIT!
OH HAPPY DAY! Oh day without ONE CURSE WORD used! (well, not for the TREE at least!)
Oh how simple, and Oh how easy....
WHAT? pray tell...
had taken us SO LONG to discover the JOY of the "prelit tree" (well, an excess of cold hard cash was a big player in the equation!)
We put on our MOTAB Christmas CD and sang out the words of "JOY TO THE WORLD" with more feeling than one can imagine (ok, so that is a bold faced LIE, but we DID feel like rejoicing with the MOTAB! WHO WOULDN'T?)
So MY ADVICE, if YOU find yourself experiencing LESS than marital bliss while
putting up the Christmas tree.
If you find yourself answering any of these questions with a resounding YES!
Are you having trouble with your spouse while putting up what we lovingly refer to as the "Christmas Crap"?
Is it bringing out HIS, or your, foul and scrooge like disposition?
Are you finding yourself unneccessarily wrapped up in strings and strings of
christmas lights, with no place to wrap them? and no idea how?
IF SO, and you find yourself with some extra cash for the spending...
hurry to the nearest store that sells PRELITS and grab one of those trees!!!
it will turn HOURS of misery into 5 minutes of fun...and if you're LUCKY your
spouse REALLY WILL sing joyous songs of the season with you when you are DONE!
it worked for us, we thought we just had to share the best thing that ever happened
to OUR marriage at the holidays!
the end!

Friday, November 28, 2008

while you were sleeping...or in other words "what were YOU doing at 1 A.M.?"

every year, it is my hubands annual
tradition to brave what is lovingly known
as "BLACK FRIDAY" to the world.
Black Friday is what the retail world refers to
as the busiest shopping day of the year.
People in a frenzy, frantically grabbing,
clawing and yelling at other people to get
the "perfect" Christmas Gift.
In our family it has become a tradition
for Kyle to go brave the crowds on Black Friday.
It started out in the early years of our marriage with Kyle
going with his mom to strong arm a few good finds.
He played football after all, he KNEW how to tackle people.
he was BIG, and TALL, and he could make his way through
a crowd without many problems.
kyle would accompany Becky, Kathleen, and Penny
(AKA "the hens")
he loved the rush, the thrill, the fast pace and the lack of sleep,
waiting in long lines for hours on end in bitter cold weather, etc. WHO could ask for more?
well, after years of this troubling behavior and no
police incidents to report (that we know of) he now
goes for the pure THRILL OF THE experience.
(hey, what can we say, we lead rather dull lives)
THIS year, there was one of those "gotta have it and there are
only 5 of them at Walmart so i am going to wait in line all night if i have to" items.
after a hearty TURKEY dinner and no nap, he headed off
to bed early....
alarm set for 1 A.M. (yup you read that right)
now, for fear of boredom he has somehow enticed Josh
into accompanying him each year.
they actually LOOK FORWARD to it...
so off they went, MONSTERS and RED BULLS and Dt. Cokes
for company.
they said it was great, they said it was fun.
they met lots of crazy, er, nice folks waiting in
line with them.
and that my friends is where MY husband and son
were at 1 AM...
where were YOU?

and just in case you're wondering where i was...
it was in bed fast asleep, probably snoring with a little bit
of drool falling out of the side of my mouth....
and just in case you're wondering where they are NOW?
fast asleep on the couch downstairs,
snoring with a little bit of drool falling out of the sides of THEIR mouths.
another Black Friday come and gone....
another "hot item" found...
they're excitedly looking forward to next year!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy TURKEY day...

happy Turky Day everyone.
we will start out the day with the annual neighbohood
"Turkey Bowl", and have lunch at Aunt Denise's.
eat well all~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

quick movie review....

went with grace and some girlfriends...(mine, not hers, so there ARE grown up

TWILIGHT was great (sure it was JUST as cheesy as the book in some parts.
i.e. "lamb loves the lion", flying thru. trees, "spider-moneky" comments, )
but ALL IN ALL, it was VERY entertaining....just as a good movie should be!

and man oh man, edward was HOT! (just try listening to the ladies and all
the noises they made every time he came on screen....)
who'dathunkit ??? (nope, not a real word) but Cedric Diggory DID edward WELL we
might add!

two thumbs up from all gals involved...grace included!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

found a little surprise in my bed

i was getting ready to get into my bed...

after a long day.

is there anything better than snuggling under the



well, LUCKY ME i found a REALLY


surprise in my sheets.

go ahead ....


well, i KNOW that you never will...






eliza jane left me


do you want to know?

betcha do....




a whole bedful of crunchy little clipped
fingernails AND TOENAILS, a few of the sharp edges
stabbed me in the leg.
needless to say, i let out a few choice words
some of which included,
so tonite when YOU hunker down
in your warm bed with YOUR
down filled comforter...
think of me with little pieces of my
daughter's fingernails punturing me.
and sleep well~
ps. congrats to Aunt Laura and Art on their
"new baby" announcement~

Saturday, November 22, 2008

TWILIGHT??? the movie, not time of day....

Has ANYONE seen it yet?
that i know and trust?
i have heard one review from an
employee at Kyle's work...
the review was that it is AWFUL.
(her words, not mine)
i need some more opinions PLEASE.
grace is dying to go,

Friday, November 21, 2008

what will $5 buy?

one pizza
7 little girls
one charlie brown Thanksgiving movie
(free from library)
2 hours of fun....
sorry no pic's...all the camera batteries
were dead.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BYU vs. U of U FOOTBALL...

so it's rivelry week here in the good old state of Utah....

what's a family to do?



U of U?

i went to BYU AND the "U" (gasp!)

my son has a big "Y" painted on his bedroom wall.

my husband currently attends the "U".

my MIL works for the "U".

my son frequently attends "Y" games with his uncle Eric

OR any other way he can scrounge a ticket.

he REALLY wants to attend the "Y".

so which team is it in our house??

Monday, November 17, 2008


kyle has officially enrolled in his LAST
LAST LAST LAST (did i mention LAST)
semester in college??
at 40, none the less...
in a recessive economy none the less,
3, THREE, 3 more classes and he is DONE!
TWO of the classes are ONLINE.
the 3rd?
tues & thurs. during his LUNCH HOUR!
what does this mean?
for the first time in 3 yrs. we will see our "dad"...
he will not be gone from 5:30 AM til 9 PM...
every day!
do you think our marriage will survive?


i just need someone to tell me
my kids wake up at the CRACK OF DAWN
on Sat. & Sun.
(when i would LOVE to sleep in)
i have to
on regular school days???

Saturday, November 15, 2008

tickle fingers....

Today Miss Olivia and I were playing "tickle torture"...

you KNOW the game??
the one where you hold your child on your lap
(if they are still small enough)
and KEEP tickling until they are screaming for mercy...
SCREAMING with delight??
YUP! that's the game!
well after i was done tickling HER...
she thought she should get to tickle me....
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....i braced myself for the worst, you KNOW
how RUTHLESS those 5 year olds can be, right?
i held my breath and
i closed my eyes.
SHE clears her breath and says ...
"hang on a minute mom! first i have to put my
'tickle fingers' on...."
she jumps off the couch and grabs imaginary gloves
from THIN AIR.
she slides them on her little hands and RUNS back to me.
so, the next time YOU play TICKLE TORTURE with YOUR
kids, just make CERTAIN to put on YOUR "tickle fingers" first!
i WAS going to add some cute picture from online,
my advice to everyone:
DO NOT "google" the word tickle!
'nuff said.

Friday, November 14, 2008

BELOW $2....

I just had to POST (yup, 2 times in one day)
out running errands today with my
"sick kid"...
ALL the gas we passed was $1.99 a gallon,
or lower.
we will take ONE
"good" thing with our tanking economy!

Thankful, continued...

When it all comes down to it....^^^^^those guys are what
it's ALL ABOUT in life. i am so thankful for them.
(see i can also be "wordy" instead of just "picturey")
i am thankful for...
josh...kind, smart, obedient, smart, thoughtful, funny, good hearted,
handsome, tries hard, keeps trying, good brother, great son, artistic, piano,
grace...beautiful, artistic, smart, LOUD, funny, helper, tries hard, gives and takes,
creative, good sister, great daughter, wonderful friend, smart, tries new things...
eliza...lovely, very thoughtful and good hearted, a friend for life, devoted, great sister,
good daughter, helper, doer of the word, smart, secret notes, imagination, playful, loves....
olivia...nee nee, snuggly, loves, hugs, adorable, loving, tender hearted, kind,
adoring sister, wonderful daughter, smart, quick learner, artistic, playful...
my LIST could go on and on....i am thankful for 4 great kids!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


During the month of NOVEMBER....
as is probably customary in many homes.
we TRY and remember all the things we
are THANKFUL for.

Things like family dinners around a Thanksgiving table come to mind.
And just because i can....and find HUMOR in silly things.

but seriously i am thankful for a great number of things.

my list would include:

1. family, a husband and children who love me,
INSPITE of all my
2.friends, who see me with forgiving and loving eyes.
3. a warm HOME.
4. a flush toilet and hot shower.
5. FOOD on my table each night.
7. Sharing in the JOY of watching my children grow.
8. Caffeine Free Dt. Coke...(what's the point, i know...but hey it's MY LIST)
9. knowing that KYLE is almost THREE CLASSES away from being
10. even though $$ is tighter than ever this fall, we STILL
find FUN and JOY in simple things.
11. changing SEASONS.
12. my FAITH
13. good friends for my CHILDREN.
14. nee nee's
15. GAS back near $2 a gallon (OH WHAT JOY!)
17. piano PLAYING
18. "salad burgers" (ask Olivia)
20. eyes, EARS, mouth & nose

forgiveness vs. sorry....

Do you ever wonder....

if it is harder to say i am sorry and ask for forgiveness? forgive?

in life...relationships are so hard and complicated and messy.

And they are wonderful and beautiful and exquisite.

To make one is always a give and take.

Sometimes more giving, sometimes more taking.



has been on my mind

a lot lately.

So i wonder...

is it harder to say i am sorry and ASK for forgiveness?

OR is it harder to forgive?


it depends?

I know i am working on BOTH everyday...
because i believe it is what HE taught us to do.
~AND what i NEED to do~

Dancing Girls and Snow Days...

On Saturday, the girls got out the dress up box.
Put on some old dance gear and rocked out to MICHAEL JACKSON'S "THRILLER".
Oh my! talk about a blast from the past...
however, the DO NOT quite have MOON WALKING down.
another day, right?

And just because, Josh took this picture last week when it snowed
(i made HIM shovel the 7" we will give him STRONG MUSCLES,
right? )
i thought it was cool...

Monday, November 10, 2008


today Olivia and i were at the store...
doing a little grocery shopping.
on the way out, she started to giggle...
she looked at me and GIGGLED even more.
i looked at her and asked "whatcha giggling at?"
she giggled even MORE.
then she pointed....
to a man,
fixing a broken cash register,
bent over,
working intently...
and we BOTH started giggling.
and this is what we saw...

Friday, November 7, 2008

word in from africa....

well, no matter where you sit on the political lines this year...and boy oh boy

were there lines this time...

i got this interesting email from my nephew (who is serving an LDS mission in Africa)

here is the reaction from that part of the world to our new president.

"Paragraph from Michael's e-mail today:Anyways, yes Congo Kinshasa is having problems, in the east, miles away from any church stuff, so no direct problems. Its not affecting anything here or in "little Congo." I'll tell you what is affecting here though. The election. You would not believe how crazy everyone went when Obama became "president of the world." This is definitely a very historical event, and I am really excited. People here are partying like crazy. Its hilarious, its a good thing, because as of now, everybody absolutely loves Americans. People I don't know just come up to me and shake my hand and say thank you and congratulations. It is kind of nice. People here were crying with joy, I don't know how big of a deal this whole thing is back home, but its definitely a touching event here."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eliza came home from school today....

bouncing off the walls...glowing and smiling....

it was her BEST.DAY.EVER.

or so SHE says...

"HE" likes her...

or so "HE" says.

so it was her

Sunday, November 2, 2008


you know what?

it is absolutely fabulous that my 15 yr old son is a free thinker.

not only is he smart and good looking! (LOL)

but he has a valid and thoughtful opinion that he can back

up with thoughts and ideas that make sense to HIM.

(and to me)

we have had some really great "political" discussions over

the past week or so....

he has made ME think and i love that.

he has some really great insight into the "hot button"

topics this year....i don't even know if we always see

EYE TO EYE on every issue ....

but i absolutely LOVE IT that he has thought about all

these issues.

i LOVE IT that he has his own opinions,

formed in his very smart mind.

he gives me FAITH in the future of our country.

he gives me HOPE that the world will still be OK

when we pass "it" onto this next generation.

him and his friends are GREAT great kids....

hope is NOT lost when i look into his eyes

and hear HIS thoughts

and know that the youth of today

are basically GOOD.

every person counts...even my 15 yr old son!

for this is Halloween....

i have one million pictures....

i will post a few! i love Halloween!

this year was AWESOME!! it was warm and breezy and gorgeous!

which for UTAH is great!

many years we get SNOW and freezing!


we had a PIRATE GIRL!
a SPY (mistakenly called a bank robber over and over)

a little WITCH girl...

and THREE of the Three Nephites (inside Mormon joke)

what can i say? 15 yr old boys are weird! LOL!
**a word about the "nephites"...they all started out
with .99 cent pants from THRIFT TOWN. and the outfits
just got "whiter and whiter".
at least no one (cars, people, small animals) missed them
in the dark. you could see them coming from 3 blocks away.

nerd night

i am in charge of the Activity Day Girls here in my ward (name for the local "branch" of the LDS church here in my neighborhood...for all those that don't know)
anyway, we had our annual DADDY DAUGHTER night, which this year was NERD NIGHT!
it was FUN, hilarious and the scariest part of all was HOW EASILY
all the dads and girls found enough NERD GEAR just out of their dad's closets!
activities included "shaving our dads" BLIND FOLDED with real shaving cream and a popsicle stick! the leaders and girls were LAUGHING really hard...not sure about the dads.
followed by dad's painting the girls fingernails and a "get to know you game."
all topped off with root beer floats and cookies.

good heavens...we did nerdy GOOD....thank goodness we don't always look like this!!!!!