Friday, November 25, 2011

giving thanks


We all met at my big sisters to eat.

There was lots of food.

Lots of teenage girls (we run heavy on girl grandchildren
on my side of the family....poor Josh!)

Grandma Ladanye came for the day.
It was our first Thanksgiving without Grandpa,
it made my heart a little sad.

Olivia ate from 1 PM onward until she finally
threw up at 1 AM.  My peanut butter cream cheese
pie made a reappearance then.  

At least she made it to the toilet!
Three cheers for that right?

Kyle geared up for his usual Black Friday routine.
He had 3 helpers this year.  Josh, Grace & Eliza.

They each took a line at Walmart to "score" some
good gifts for Christmas.  Kyle said it was
actually the MOST crazy year he's seen in a long time.

I slept and went BACK to Target  & Walmart at 9 AM-
the stores were strangely "empty". (The quietest I have
ever seen them on a Black Friday morning).

This year I am thankful for family and friends, I am grateful
for dear friends who walked me through grief and surgery
and held my hand without asking why I was crying.

I am grateful for a husband who is still picking up pieces of my life
that seem to be left falling behind me.  Some days in huge chunks.
 It's been a hard year emotionally for me.  
Death, fear of cancer, a surgery and watching a big son grow up
and get wings.  In many ways, a harder year than I thought it would be.

I am thankful for a house full of teenage boys many days
and many nights.  I love to hear the sound of their laughter
drifting up from the basement.  I love to watch them eat me
out of house and home.  I wouldn't want it any other way.

I am thankful for 3 beautiful (albeit very spirited) daughters.
They teach me about love, and sometimes its painful.

I'm grateful for all the primary kids in my ward that make
me cry when they sing.  I'm grateful to work with amazing,
strong and wonderful women who teach me so much.

There have been lots of tears this year 
and lots of breathing IN and OUT.

I'm thankful 2011 is almost over!  
It will be a good one to shut
the door on. 

 Lastly, I'm thankful for peanut butter cream cheese
pie.  Dang! That stuff rocks!

Seriously, seriously rocks!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

josh's eagle court of honor

 Patrick*Alex*Josh...the newest Eagle's.
All pushing 18 the day they got it done.
 Josh and his Grandparents & Great Grandparents
 4 Generations of Nielson men
 Kyle saying some nice stuff
(although he looks kinda mad--he's not!)
 Getting pinned
 Josh entering the "Eagle's Nest"
Josh*Patrick*Alex & Harland Hammond...
tireless scout leader who helped (shoved
and pushed) them along the way to
get their Eagle's.

Congrats Josh, we're so proud of
all your hard work.  And I'm so
glad you're my ONLY son. ;)

The whole dang crew--longways--

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the real deal

Halloween came...and went.
The Seniors went to a party.
Sharpies were used for creating facial hair, well,
since honestly none of them have any (facial hair).

All decked out.  Flashing gang signs (like they know what a gang sign is!)

The girls got ready to go on the hunt for candy.

Walking shoes on....laced up and ready for travelling.

Waiting anxiously to head out.

A witch and her shadow headed to the neighborhood hot dog roast!

Some of the neighborhood gang.

Treats were given.  Tricks avoided.

Pumpkins lit on the porch waiting for trick or treaters.

A witch in the window keeping watch.

It was a good one.  PERFECT weather.  Lots of treats,
with no tricks.  Happy kids high on sugar.  As it should be, right?

Happy Halloween 2011