Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Sept. 28, 2008 Part Two...

AHHH! the birthday of champions, or 9 yr. olds
at least~ Lizzie spent the morning getting ready for church...
how fun is THAT on your bday? the highlight? her
big sister spent one hour giving her an "up do".
it was very pretty!

Then on to gifts....

Fast forward to cake...does it get any better than that?

Happy Birthday Eliza Jane, she came in to the world
on a Saturday morning at 10:30 AM, with fuzzy orange
hair and a lung or two FULL of life. Spirited, fiesty,
strong willed and loving. she makes friends like
crazy and is always free with her hugs for everyone.
we love you lizzie~

our first pictures....can we do it? yes we can!

Sunday Sept. 28, 2008
well, we did it...sort of? not sure how to stick them WHERE they need to go! we will keep trying!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

our first blog....wheels, balls, girls and birthdays soon~

*Saturday Sept. 27th, 2008*

OH! we have entered the world of blogging! today was a beautiful fall day filled with house cleaning, soccer balls, and bike riding. Eliza tried out her new pink soccer shoes and boy oh boy could she run! Olivia learned how to ride a 2 wheeler, she taught HERSELF! none the 5 which may just be a world record for Nielson children. (the rest of the bunch was more in the 8 yr. old range...but we still love them) Who says the "last kid" can't be FIRST at something?


Tomorrow Miss Eliza Jane turns 9...where has the time gone? 9? wow!

and in a few short days, "BIG JOSH" will be 15...heaven help us because that means in ONE YEAR he will be driving and dating! Be still my mother heart.

Ta ta for now.

Tomorrow we will add photos, i think i may need Kyle or Josh for technical help on this one!