Saturday, May 29, 2010

lucky lilacs...better late than never...

josh and his "reading"
he was too big for Grandma's lap this year, so she sat on HIS lap.

Grace awaiting her clue.

Grandma in DEEP concentration

Olivia listening closely

The clue is coming....(note Laura with her cell phone stationed nearby)

Eliza's turn

the clue! the clue! (laura we need the clue!)

flowers galore

the cake, oh the cake!

A few Sundays back, it was time for the annual Nielson tradition of "LUCKY LILACS". It is a holiday to be celebrated by all. Now if you have never heard of it--be not dismayed!! You are not alone. It was started a few generations back in the Nielson clan, and apparently has not caught on (YET!) with the rest of mankind. Each May when the lilacs are in full bloom, the "Lilac Fairy" makes her appearance.
The children line up and wait patiently for their turn on the "Lilac Fairy's" lap. (AKA "Grandma".) Grandma Regular dons her "magic glasses" and peers into a "lucky lilac petal" (which must be an ODD NUMBERED BLOOM, preferable 3 or 5 petals, no 4 petal blooms will do!) Are you thoroughly confused yet? (As was I the first few years into it.) But make no doubt, the magic glasses will see you through! (excuse my poor was intended.)
Anyhoo, after peering into the petals and chanting a sufficient amount of "mumbo jumbo" Grandma gets a hint (in her mind--via Laura's cell phone this year) as to where each grandchild can find the "present" the "Lilac Fairy" has left them.

The word "present" is to be used in the loosest of terms, as it is usually something ranging from nail polish to socks. Nothing to hold your breath for, but (in my humble opinion) a VERY fun "holiday" for the kids. It is a tradition, I believe, that will continue to work its way down through the Nielson chain for many years to come. And who knows? Maybe it will be picked up by the mainstream public at some point in the future! Stranger things have happened.
There is always an abundance of food and lilacs. This year Laura's "Lucky Lilac Cake" took top honors. (Followed closely by some homemade chips and salsa, which were good enough to crush up and snort...if you like that sort of thing.)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


That is Josh on the left, blue striped hoodie. Do YOU know what YOUR KIDS are doing on the weekends? Apparently mine is posing (like an ax murderer) representing East Millcreek

Anyone need a date?

And who says Facebook isn't valuable...that is where I scored this picture. Now I just need to hear the story behind it.

Pretty least he has a good sense of humor!

Monday, May 17, 2010


remember #8 on my list?
the list with the things i LOVE about being a mother?
i had a first hand experience this weekend with #8...
...once again!
i do believe it was better than an alien abduction but probably
not as good as a Banburry Cross donut...
At least this time the vomit ended up in HER hair and not mine.
Although i almost blew chunks cleaning it up.
i do NOT do throw up...
i do NOT do throw up...
i do NOT do throw up!

Friday, May 14, 2010

the list

in following with the whole mothers day theme,
i meant to post my Top Ten reasons "why i love being a mom list" on monday....Letterman style.

it's friday, lets just say it's been a week. And lets also just say, when you're a mom EVERY DAY is "Mothers Day!" Right? Right! So technically I am not late.

so here they are... (the list is a tad bit sarcastic once again, read with a grain of salt-you may find some salt in my sheets if you need it.)

#10. i love climbing into bed at night, snuggling into my sheets, only to realize it was "movie night" for the little girls in our bed. Meaning in the sheets i am also snuggling with popcorn crumbs, spilled drinks, and possibly (if i am REALLY lucky that day) clipped toenails.

#9. i LOVE carpools and making lunches. A LOT!

#8. i love cleaning up vomit out of my bed and hair after the children FIRST run to my room to let me know they are "going to throw up"! (how many times do i have to tell them to just "RUN TO THE BATHROOM!"??)

#7. i love sitting in the blazing sun or freezing snow/rain/sleet during any given season to watch them play some sporting event.

#6. i love loading and unloading the dishwasher 20 times a day. (ok it FEELS like it!)

#5. i LOVE making school lunches, driving carpools. (oh did i mention that already? I must realllllly love it).

#4. love doing the jobs of 12 different people everyday without pay, or thanks, or recognition.

#3. i love repeating 1st and 5th and 7th grade homework again. (i would say 10th-but josh passed up my intelligence somewhere around 6th grade--he's on his own now! and doing just fine i might add!)

#2. i love having no "me" time.

and the #1. thing i love about being a mom?

...and ALL the a fore mentioned things.

i wouldn't trade ANY of it (even carpools and lunches) for a million dollars! So to the vomit in my hair?? popcorn and toenails in my bed??
I say, loud and clear, BRING IT ON BABY! BRING.IT.ON!

So...what's on YOUR list?? You know, the things YOU wouldn't trade for a million dollars?

Friday, May 7, 2010


This is my mom. (and my Bompie.)

I wish that I were as patient as my mother, I am not.

I wish that I were as kind as my mother, again probably not.

I am, however, grateful for the good things she taught me.

Of books, and reading.

Of going to church and saying my prayers.

Of believing, of faith.

Of trying, and trying again.

She was the woman that woke me up at 5:00 AM every morning during my High School years to attend early morning seminary. (Not sure how I EVER survived that quite honestly!)

Not only did she wake me up every morning , but she made me a nice warm breakfast to make sure I went on my way with a full belly. Then at night she cooked a balanced meal for dinner too --almost every day of my growing up life. (another way I am NOT like my mother)

She listened to a zillion heartaches, and stories, and troubles. Teenage girls have many you know. (am experiencing these daily now...)

She never swore or used bad language. ever. (not saying a thing here!) ;O)

She hardly ever raised her voice.

She was patient beyond patient.

We never left the house without hearing her tell us she loved us, ever.

It was a good thing to know.

She was also big on hugs and kisses.

My mother was not perfect, for none of them (us) are--but I know that she tried her very hardest to do the best job she could. I am grateful for the things I have learned from her over the years. I am grateful for some of the good I have carried on to my very own family, my very own mothering.

So on this Mothers Day weekend, here is my tribute to you. For all you did, and all you do...Thank You!

I love you Mom...


official officially

It is official.

This week my 13 year old daughter officially passed me up.

She is now taller than me.

This makes 2 of my 4 children that I officially have to "look up" to now.

I feel like I'm shrinking.

But I am certain it is the kids who are growing.

It's official.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

in laws

My son has been "going out" with the same girl all year at school.

She is adorable, and nice, and funny and well, lots of great things, and we love her. My girls ADORE her and worship the ground she walks on.
We wish that they were at least 21, but what's a mom (or dad, or anyone for that matter) to do?

Last night at Arica's wedding reception we FINALLY met our "future in laws" (her parents).
(It's not like elementary school where you know everyone's're lucky if your kids bring their friends home in high school to meet YOU--we *parents* have finally reached "full dork mode".)

Fortunately, we liked them.

We were greeted by them with hugs and they seem VERY nice. They said they like our son too, which is a BIG PLUS in our book.

They were so nice, in fact, that if Josh eventually ends up marrying Whitney at some point in the future, he may like THEM better than US.

I told him he has to break up with her IMMEDIATELY and find some meaner in laws for us.*

*(that is a joke of course--sarcasm dripping at its drippiest-just in case anyone didn't "get it")

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Josh Ball

Josh played Titan Volleyball this spring.
Varsity "Club" Team.
They are in the play-off's at the moment. Here are a few pictures of them in action.
Check out his vertical jump! Good enough for the BYU team?
We hear BYU Volleyball players have to touch 12 feet from a standing jump.
Urban legand? Or truth? Josh still has a few feet to go. (wink wink)