Monday, October 31, 2011

Monster Mash

The Monster Mash AKA Halloween Dance for Oly High was
this past weekend.

Lucky for me, I got stay up until 3 AM.
(waiting for the boy to come home).
USUALLY I doze, this year for some
reason sleep would not take me until
he came home.

I LOVE dance nights....
(hint of sarcasm in case you missed it).

There are no pictures of the date--he was asked
by a sophomore who he had never met/talked to/
spoken with until Saturday night.

Sounds awkward to me, but he says it was fun.

Their 60 person group went as Mobsters & Flapper Girls.

                                                  Move over John Gotti, or The Godfather...

Josh Nielson is here.

(And he definitely needs a new name if he is entering
the world of the mob.  "Josh" is no where NEAR
tough enough sounding to be dealing in the shady world of gangsters.)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

witching hour early

Halloween came early this year.  Four days early to be the school anyway.

They decided not to have Parades and Parties ON Halloween (Monday) this
year...I am not sure the reasoning on this, but I just showed up anyway and took

One witch.

One cowgirl.

One store bought.

One from Grandma's costume closet.

After 18 years of doing this...I'm down to cheap and easy.

Mostly easy.

Happy (early) Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10 pound bag-- revisited

There it is...

The 10 pound bag of chips from Costco.

I am either proud or embarrassed to say (or admit) that in LESS THAN one
month the entire thing was used up.


Completely Gone.

In fact, on Monday I had to go get ANOTHER 10 pound bag from Costco.

I will blame it on the facts of no less than 3 birthdays, numerous teenagers
begging for food, a few neighborhood parties, one pig roast and A LOT
of baking.

I feel tired just typing that.

And I know for a fact how spoiled "the boys" (as in "Josh & friends")
are when they were at my house for lunch today and were pouting, sulking
and overall disgruntled over the fact that I had no cupcakes waiting
for them today.

I'll work on it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Big Guy!

(I don't have one with Grace & Kyle....not sure why)

Happy Birthday Kyle!!

Enjoy 39 (again!)

We love you!

Thanks for all you do.

And for putting up with 4 hormonal women daily.  It's more than a mortal
should have to do some days!

We can have a duel (or smack down) to see who gets to go with Josh
on his mission.  And who gets to stay home with all the girls.


Your family

Friday, October 14, 2011

there is a reason i don't work in the medical field

I am working THREE part time jobs right now.

Unfortunately NONE of them is making me rich.

Darn it. 

1. I nanny for two orthopedic surgeons.  (who
are rich!) One week of the month, I pick up 
their daughter from daycare, bring her home 
and play with her.  Until they are done cutting
people open.  Then they come and get her.

2. I still "Ebay".  This supports the dressing of
my children and a yearly family vacation.

3. I am working part time on a "scanning project"
at Kyle's clinic.   They are finally going "high
tech" (online medical records).  I get to make
sure ALL the documents are electronically where
they should be.

After looking at record after record after record,
I realized that seeing things like "stool sample",
"toenail fungus sample", "wound pus sample", and
the literal inside view of someones colon is too
much for me.

It makes me gag.  And this is only READING about

Can you imagine how awful it would be if I actually
HAD TO touch, gather, or LOOK at (heaven forbid)
ANY of those things?

Thank goodness for Doctors and thank GOODNESS I am
not one.  Or a nurse.  Or an MA.  Or a receptionist
in a clinic.  

I think my gag reflex is calling me...

Stool samples.  Seriously?  I even had to call
Kyle to, er, ask how one went about doing that.

The "gathering" of a sample.

He explained the process to me and actually had
the gall to add "oh and it's so much NICER than
it used to be."

After he told me, I went and threw up.

Again I say, seriously? 

SERIOUSLY??? (In my best yelling voice!)

There is a reason I don't do this for a living.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

God's Paintbrush

On Conference Sunday we decided to drive the Alpine Loop.

Along with half the state of Utah.

Seriously there ANYTHING as
beautiful as Utah in the fall?

When I die, I want to go to live in Utah in the fall.

Where its fall all year long.

The colors are amazing.

And the pictures don't even come CLOSE to
capturing the true beauty.

The blue of the sky.

The gold of the leaves.

Mixed in with orange and red and green.

I like it when God decides to paint.

He does a good job!

one more

The Party.

Consisted of about 10 hours of cooking.
(thanks me)

6 Boys

6 Family members

1 Alfredo Chicken Pizza

1 Meat Lovers

Completely from scratch,
crust, sauce and all.

1 huge bowl of Alfredo Chicken Linguine 



1 Home made Cheesecake for deep frying the
night before.

1 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese 4 layer cake

4 tubs of Ice Cream

Lots of dishes

18 candles

1 Smiling Boy

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

going backwards for a minute

She turned 12.

Her "gift" was the Taylor Swift concert with her dad.
(Lucky man!)

She got her mustache earrings!
(Lucky girl)

She started Young Womens.

She wanted chocolate peanut butter cake.
She got 4 layers.

We needed Laura to make it look cute--
but it tasted great (and looked not cute!)

She had a great one!