Saturday, July 31, 2010

how to make a fish taco

go to the farmers market in oceanside on thursday morning..

wait in line at the taco stand, patient.

watch them warm your tortilla and gather ingredients...

almost done--grab an ice cold diet coke while you are waiting--

now enjoy!

i have to say that i am NOT a "fish person"--normally do not eat it or like it.
BUT, i would wait in line for over an hour to eat one of these.
the shrimp ones are equally as delish!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Eating our way through So. California...One family's story.

6 People, 8 days. We sampled from some of Southern California's finest (ahem) places to eat. We had tortillas warm off a street cart, BBQ to die for (no really! to.die.for. good), fish taco's (my one request for heaven--must*serve*fish*tacos!), round cupcakes (quite simply the BEST cupcakes we have EVER tasted!--we found them in a unique little bakery hidden away behind a plant nursery. divine. simply divine.), square cupcakes (these were ranked as #1 in San Diego--we thought "not so much"--not much taste, although they had a cute square shape), we also had pizza at our favorite pizza joint. among other things.

Even though some of us are on a "no sugar" kick--we did let these people splurge with a "pick of their choice" while on vacation. It's only fair, right? And Lizzie the "no sugar queen" actually opted for sugar free choices in Old Town San Diego at their snazzy candy store. Grace went whole hog there with a fat slice of fudge. And mostly Josh, who can, just kept eating anything that was placed in front of him. And all the things the rest of us couldn't finish. And anything extra that people around us left lying around. And...he was still hungry. Oh, to be a 16 year old boy.

One of my favorite parts of vacationing to a new spot is trying food at places we don't find at home. What's the point of eating at the same places, right? Our last night in Oceanside, we had Mexican at a local joint. Kyle and Josh were in heaven. Of all food, that is their favorite. (Me? I would probably pick that last on my list--unless you count Cafe Rio salad, which you probably don't if you are a true connoisseur of Mexican cuisine--)

There it is. That's our story. And we're stickin' to it.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

to make my point, a good visual--i love a good visual

i know--enough already, right? about the weather. i'm sorry...
i just wanted you to see a visual. it's such a good one.
(and it's from the exact same spot, so how could i resist?)
above picture is LAST year at the beach.
sun, people, blue skies, glorious. enough to make you want to die and live in this
celestial kingdom---forever and ever. amen.
now fast forward to below...same exact view---but THIS year...

THIS year at the beach.
drastic difference.
cloudy, gloomy, no sun, chilly, no people on the beach. enough to make
you repent of all your sins so as not to experience this outer darkness for
the rest of all eternity.

can you SEE the difference? pretty big huh?

P.S. I just have to add that NEITHER picture was photoshopped in ANY WAY!
they are in their natural states.
I was just looking at these pictures again--the top is so blue and the bottom is so completely in the gray scale it looks fake, or altered. it wasn't.

k--done whining about the weather.

fast forward down my blog to see vacation pictures that make me happy~:O)

there are SO many (pictures and they make me happy!)

more to come too....

one fine day

these are just some random shots from our "one fine day". i grabbed the camera and just started snapping with the family at the beach. i am so glad i did! there is nothing better than a sunset at the beach (well, perhaps a sunrise over the mountains right outside my kitchen window).

the one picture of bompie looking out at the beach is the view from our (tiny) condo. my favorite part about being there is falling asleep and waking up the the sound of the waves breaking onto the beach.

stay tuned for more pictures!