Thursday, March 31, 2011


I had a request...

...for lemon-y cupcakes. 

Lemon, you're either a

(lover here)

I recieved two thumbs up from the
lemon fans.

Both cupcakes and frosting had
real lemon juice and lemon rind in

Slightly sweet, slightly pucker worthy.

IF you're a fan, these were the
lemon-y ones for you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


For the record, I knowingly broke ALL RULES of funeral
etiquette by photographing the entire thing.  After
googling it and finding out that MOST people are
shocked and horrified to think of taking pictures
at a funeral, I pretty much said, "Well, they can
kiss my hiney! I'm taking pictures!"

The day passed in a rapid blur and I'm thinking of
setting up my own business now. 

Funeral Photography.  (I am kidding)

I DID refrain from taking any pictures during
anything that transpired between the actual prayers
(opening and closing) of the service and to be
honest, I am SO GLAD I have these pictures, as sad
as they may seem to be, it's amazing how numb
your mind becomes as you travel through these
days.  You forget your own name half of the time.
(I wish I were joking).  Somehow grief and death
includes this "brain fog" that sort of propels
your THROUGH and blocks out everything else.

It's nice to know that even on a day as sad
as that day that life goes on.

People still love each other.

They still smile and laugh and hold on.

Funeral food is the same EVERYWHERE, in
every ward across the country.

Ham, funeral potatoes, jellos, veggies
and a roll.  I laughed when we went back
to the ward to eat. 

The rain still falls, the weather still is.

In honor of my father and his "Plaid Shirt"
collection (lovingly honored in his 80th
birthday pictures too) ALL the grandkids
donned one of HIS plaid shirts to wear to
the "graveside service".  It was the sweetest
thing to see, something unique to Grandpa Ladanye.

A way to pay tribute.

May his plaid shirts, and his memories, keep us
warm forever.

Until we meet again.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

body & soul

I have not been on the receiving end of "condolences"
for a very long time. 

Yet, I have once again been overwhelmed in my life.

By the goodness, the love, the kindness and caring
of people.

Flowers and food fill my counter tops and refrigerator.

Messages of love and support fill my voicemail,
my inbox, and my text message box.

I feel the arms of others lifting my up.

Both body and soul.

I often have laughed at the Mormon ability to feed
others in times of need.  Without fail, and quicker
than a old fashioned Texas style gun dual of days
gone past, a home can be filled to capacity with
enough food to last from here, to well, eternity.

My counter tops over-floweth.

And yet as I move about in a death induced coma
of fog and heartbreak, I am grateful beyond words,
beyond the capacity to even express these words

At the love, and food, that has been bestowed upon
me (and my family) during this time.

That love propels me ever onward.  For life
must, and does, go on.  Even though it feels
like it has most certainly stopped for me,
it has not.

These two constants, both the love and the food,
nourish and feed both my body and my spirit--
my very being, the heart of my soul.

A bowl of warm tomato soup and a tall Dt. Coke
feed my body, nourish me to give me the strength
to move forward into the future.


A loving test message on my phone heals my heart,
gives me faith and hope that mankind, humanity, is
more good than bad.  That love indeed does make
the world go 'round.  It, too, gives me strength.


I am so thankful that my life has been so blessed
through this season of sadness. 

I am so glad that there are so many good people out
there that love me, both body and soul.

Thank you for sustaining me, nourishing me and
helping me to heal.

Both body & soul.

I am a blessed woman.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

in loving memory

Thomas W. Ladanye

March 28, 1930-March 17, 2011

We love you and will miss you!

Son. Brother. Father. 
Husband. Grandfather.
Neighbor.  Friend.  

May you rest in peace.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

weekend in the Big Apple...a picture story!

On the Airport Shuttle...Catching the Red Eye to NYC
Waiting for the plane to board
Still waiting....midnight sure is late
Flying into NYC...sunrise on the Atlantic at 6 a.m.
Subway, catching a ride to the Wilcox's. 
Breakfast at the Kitchenette
A Ride on the Statten Island Ferry... ALWAYS windy!
The View of Lady Liberty 
Off to Kleinfeld (Say Yes to the Dress)
No Randy sightings this time!
How they got around for 3 days.  Riding the Subways.
Friday Night "Free Night at the Met"
Walking into the Met.
"Ah yes, This Jackson Pollock makes me feel confused."
A stop at the "Dog"...Papaya Dog of course.  A NYC
must.  2 dogs and a smoothie for $3 Bucks!
Times Square at Night...Shopping, Lights and 3 hours in Toys R Us.
SAY "HI" from the Giant Barbie house in Toys R Us
Brooklyn looking into Manhattan 
Night Lights in the Big City
The Girls shopped out, fed and ready to walk the Brooklyn Bridge at night.
12 hour days are the best way to do it in NYC!
Night time lights looking into the City.
On the Brooklyn Bridge
YES!  Kyle actually was there too.
Grace being gross!
And Silly!
More Shopping
We look pretty!  Oh sooo pretty!
uh huh!
NYC Manhole cover
Three days, 12 hours a day, walking, riding the subway,
Shopping til they dropped, Seeing WICKED (again--Thanks
Curtis family for the tickets), eating Black & White cookies,
cupcakes, Pizza, Bridges and Time Square.

Kyle deserves an award for spending 3 days with 
3 fourteen year old girls--He is a good dad!

The girls had a BLAST and went from dawn til WAY
past dusk.  They laughed and laughed and laughed.

Kyle actually did make it to class all day Saturday and 
sweet Amy Wilcox took the girls down to Times
Square and helped them make it to their 
Broadway Show on time.

Yeah for the NYC!
Yeah for teenage girls!
Yeah for one great daddy!