Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If you give a mouse a cookie....

Or if you give Kyle a project...

So the porch was done and 
his palms were itching...

The paint samples were 
on the house.

or dark?

If you lived in the 'hood
and walked by, you got a vote.
(Not that it ultimately mattered)
But still, we wanted you to
feel like you were a part
of the process in some small way.

First step?

Fill in the "gable" on the front.
This part of the project was free
thanks to the Mark Nielson
"leftover" store.  Kyle's dad
used shingles on his house last
year (the year before?) and
had a whole pile of leftovers
that Kyle was able to use for 
our project!  Thanks Mark Depot! 

Progress on the gable

Looming question?
Dark or light paint?

Weather proofing the front

Vent for the attic

Filling in shingles
above and 


Shingles in and primed.

Paint started.

Dark won...

As it looks today.

The front is finished to the
garage.  It has been 100 degrees
here for over a week.

Kyle is waiting until it dips
below 95 to resume painting
(with a roller in case you're
wondering...tedious and tiring)

What do we think?

Glad you asked!


It totally updates our home
from 1950 (when it was built)
to 2012.  It looks sleek,
cooler, more modern and clean.

We seriously LOVE IT!

(did i mention that)

For any purists who are against
painting brick--well you can keep
yours how you want it, right?

Until the end...that's my update.

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Amelia said...

Wow, what a transformation!