Saturday, June 16, 2012

dumpster diving

Once a year in our neighborhood
the city brings in dumpsters so
that residents can dispose of
garbage.  One day while Kyle
was getting rid of OUR garbage
he found THIS metal chair in 
the dumpster...and well, he
"dove" in and retrieved it.

What can we say?

It was awfully retro and cute
and seemed like an easy thing
to fix to fit into our kitchen.

My mother in law (had she seen
this in its original RED color)
would've probably wrestled me
and Kyle to the ground for it--
she's a BIT of a "red fanatic".
(Understatement of the year.)

So we found a cool (ugly) green to
match the kitchen and sanded and painted....

And painted and painted (and swore
a little under our breaths at all
the painting....)

Here we have the finished product.

This is a pretty bad picture
(I blame the photographer...)
but it turned out pretty cute and
it matches all the blues and
greens in my kitchen (which of
course is recycled itself so 
this matches perfectly!)

It sits in a nice spot under
the window and is a fun accent.

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