Monday, August 27, 2012

Da Gurls....

(and YES! I do know that's spelling wrong!)

Here is the next set off to school today.

Grace Catherine--High School (10th Grade)
Eliza Jane--Jr High (7th Grade)
Olivia Isabelle--who is only EVER called
Bompie (Bom-Pee) or Puddy or Fluffy or 
Sniffy or P-Soup or...she may require
therapy at some point in her life or not
know who she really is (HA HA)--
anyway, she is 4th Grade.

So if you're smart, you've figured out that
I have one in college, High School, Jr High
AND Elementary School.

I am tired and officially broke just typing 
all that (and paying all the bills)

There they are though... Da Gurls!

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