Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkins...A Picture Story.

Some things are certain in this life. A few of those things would be death, taxes, lucky lilacs, gingerbread houses and pumpkins. Now if you live outside this clan of aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, cousins and such you will certainly wonder what the last THREE are....

But, be patient. they will be explained. we will start with pumpkins and follow in the appropriate season. every fall for PUMPKINS, 100's (well it certainly SEEMS like 100's) gather from the far reaches of the Salt Lake valley (and Idaho) to unite for the ritual better known as PUMPKIN CARVING to the general public. the last sunday before Halloween Aunt Penny girds up her loins, cleans her already spotless house and allows every living relative within a 100 mile radius to invade her home for food, carving and general chaos. it usually ends well....i will let my photo's tell the story. we only had one "accident" (the death of our small pumpkin who broke when Olivia dropped him on the ground) and we HAD TO go to a cemetary afterwards to take pictures with our pumpkins....CREEPY!?? (not!)



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a perfect fall day...

for the love of everything...

i need a tutorial on HOW to get my pictures WHERE

i want them! LOL...

this is not the order i wanted them in, but

here goes...

Eliza Jane & Bompie in their Halloween Apron Skirts

(made by yours truly, now taking holiday orders) :O)

AND THIS, is what happens when nobody pays attention

to the youngest kid...just grab your NEE NEE (blanket)

crawl up on the couch and have a good cry.

so we went to the kids playground to play for a while.

the fall day was bright and crisp and clear.

not to mention sunny and warm...if i could pick any season

to last about 9 months, mine would be fall.

olivia playing flip flops and a skirt none the less.

and of course, since they ARE my children and I AM allergic
to shoes of any kind, theirs always seem to come off...everywhere, anywhere.

sliding....(or as Sarah Palin would say "SLIDIN' ")

could the sky be ANY MORE LOVELY?

and YES! it is real.

the view of our mountains (MT. OLYMPUS to be precise) from the playground.

off to investigate something or other...
one more soccer shot...GO OLIVIA!!!!

and thus ends another perfect fall day. sigh.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Sneak Peek....

@ Christmas Pictures...
with good weather, cute outfits and LOTS of bribery we were
off the the Harvard/Yale Ward "backyard" for Holiday picture taking.
we took, ohhhhhhh! about 139 pictures to get just a few
where everyone was looking and smiling.
Enjoy....ONE will be the SURE WINNER for our holiday greeting card~

Vollyball Finals, Turning 40 & Learners Permits...OH MY!

GUESS WHERE WE got to go Thursday A.M. at 6:45?
we have an official DRIVER now....
(learners permit, one yr. to go for the REAL THING!)

The Oly Jr High Varsity Team Volleyball

Finals....we start out with the PLEDGE.


Conferring with Coach Brough...

a valiant effort by all...

in the end, just not good enough.

Churchhill Jr High wins 2 games to 1 against Oly....

thus ends the Volleyball season.

i think we are on to Basketball next.

(WE are "guest")